Thirty-six percent of nonprofits responding to a survey Kaptivate conducted in February use mobile media or plan to in the next 12 months, and over half expect over the next 24 months to be using mobile technology for donor engagement and fundraising.

GiveMobile helps organizations expand the donor experience. The free GiveMobile app allows consumers to make donations to the organization of their choice. People can choose from a list of non-profits, universities, charities, churches, political campaigns and other institutions. Using a credit card, users make secure transactions and determine the amount of the donation. After a donation is made, donors receive an immediate response in the form of a thank-you video and an email receipt. The app can also unlock other premiums.

Click here to see the survey, "Are We There Yet?
Non-Profit Adoption
of Mobile Giving"
from Kaptivate

Do Something Now - GiveMobile!

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